Can I extend my stay in the country after I finish the program?

We offer extension trip program in case you want to stay longer in the country. We also offer other extension options, check with your GROUND Tour Director.

How can I get clear information regarding the program and the country I am visiting?

We will send you an information package regarding the program and country you are visiting before your arrival. Our in-country staff is also happy to provide you all the information you need.

How do I plan my journey to match the program on the site?

You have to arrange your own journey or book a flight to the destination country. Please let us know your travel plans and how you will get to the destination country at least one month before so that we can arrange where and when we are going to all meet (usually at the airport or the first hotel – we will inform everyone 1 month in advance). After, while you are on the program with us, we will take care of everything so you can just enjoy and focus on your work with the community.

What should I pack?

Your curiosity and positive energy! Besides, we also suggest you to check the weather of your destination in order to prepare properly (Do I need to bring sweaters, waterproofs or not Etc.). Bringing personal things such as first aid kit, sunscreen, mosquito spray, and sleeping bag is also highly recommended. For the program in the community, you can also bring supporting materials like books and other materials, we will advise you based on the trip.

What kind of food will be served?

We will serve local dishes prepared by the local families in the communities so you experience the authentic local lifestyle. Everything will be done as the locals do it with an effort to reduce any plastic and use of polystyrene.  We will also prepare drinkable water whether it is bottled or boiled water.

How should I dress?

Wearing clothes with sleeves and below-your-knee short is the basic standard all over South East Asia for daily activities. In case there’s program going to the beach or trekking, bring some suitable clothing. However, some areas might differ depending on the local customs. We suggest you to do a little research through the internet to avoid misunderstandings, we will also advise on clothing for certain experiences.

What kind of insurance do I need?

We do not cover your insurance so please arrange your own insurance in your home country before departure.

I am just by myself. Can I still join?

Surely you can still join! It is even more exciting as you will meet new friends for life while joining the program.

Who will arrange my visa?

You should arrange your own visa and address the proper visa type before leaving your home country. In some cases visas are available on arrival or not needed at all, we will advise you if needed.

In case of emergency, what should I do?

In case of emergency, please contact our in-country staff. You will get their contact on your arrival and they are available to be contacted 24/7.

How can I get in touch with my family and friends back home?

We will happily assist you to get local number for your internet, call, and SMS service. Most cafes or restaurants in the country that you visit during the program are equipped with Wi-Fi already. In case you want to send a package, we will also assist you to find the post office.

How much money should I prepare?

We highly suggest that you bring enough cash for your whole staying duration in the destination country. ATM machines and money changers are available in all major towns and citi3s however they are not easily found in rural areas we visit. If you want to prepare some money on card, we suggest you to check to your bank to make sure your card can be used in the destination country.

Is there any laundry service?

In most of project site destinations, you will have to wash your own clothes. However, some places have laundry where you can pay to get the service. We can advise depending on the location of the project.

Can I consume alcoholic drink?

During your stay in the project site, consuming alcohol is prohibited for obvious reasons. However, if you are having a night out or having leisure time in the city or towns it’s totally fine.